Timeline VII

Weddings and other formal occasions:

Wedding 1

Wedding 8

Wedding 6

Wedding 7

St. Patrick’s Church, Bay Shore, NY (1986):

Wedding 3

Wedding 2

Wedding 4

Wedding 5

Wedding 9

Archbishop Ambrose with Prince Alexis in Toronto (1989):


Formal Dinner (1995):



Timeline VI

1983: Archbishop Ambrose at Don Bosco Seminary (where he went to college):

Don Bosco 1983

The Dean, Fr. Frank Klauder and the VP of the Alumni Association, Archbishop Ambrose:

Don Bosco 1983 2

Archbishop Ambrose with the Don Bosco Youth Group (?1982):

Don Bosco 1983 3

1983: With another Catholic bishop (indentity unsure) at Don Bosco Centre, NY:

Don Bosco 1983 4

Archbishop Ambrose (circled) as Vice President of the Alumni Association, with other alumni and faculty (1983):

Don Bosco 1983 5

1984: Archbishop Ambrose with Dr. Joyce Brothers:


1986: Archbishop Ambrose giving a blessing during divine liturgy:


With Bishop Daly of Rockville Centre diocese (possibly 1987):

Daly 1

With Bishop Daly of Rockville Centre for confirmations (date uncertain – 1980s):

Daly 2

Timeline V

1978: Archbishop Ambrose Moran visits the Traditional Catholic church St. Jude’s Shrine, Texas.

St Judes Shrine 1

St Judes Shrine 2

Administering the Sacrament of Confirmation in the Latin Rite:

St Judes Shrine 3

Archbishop Ambrose after offering Mass in the Tridentine Rite:

St Judes Shrine 5

(Bishop George Musey at St. Jude’s Shrine):

St Judes Shrine 4

Timeline IV

1975: Archimandrite Fr. Moran outside Holy Wisdom (St. Sophia) Cathedral during the Holy Year:

1975 Rome 12

1975: Holy Year: Ukrainian Catholic Pilgrimage Concelebration at Holy Wisdom Cathedral, Rome.


1976: Bishop Ambrose and Cardinal Slipyj outside Holy Wisdom (St. Sophia) Cathedral, Rome, following ceremony of episcopal consecration:

1976 Slipyj

(Sample picture) Holy Wisdom Cathedral seen from the outside:

Holy Wisdom

Bishop Ambrose Moran in Toronto, Canada. Also in the picture are: a Jesuit Deacon (name unknown), a Fr. Dr. Beloncik and two Catholic priest-professors at the University of Toronto:

Toronto Eparchy 1 Toronto Eparchy 2

1977: Archbishop Ambrose with Bishop Dimitri:

Bishop Ambrose 6

Bishop Ambrose

Bishop Ambrose 2

Bishop Ambrose 3

Bishop Ambrose 4


Timeline III

Easter 1975: Elevation of Fr. Moran to Archimandrite (archpriest). This photo was taken immediately following the ceremony in the Maronite Cathedral ‘Our Lady of Lebanon’, Brooklyn, New York.

1975 Archimandrite

Easter 1975: Fr. Moran (Archimandrite) and Fr. Ropke at St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Patriarchal Parish :

1975 Archimandrite 2

Summer 1975: Rev. Archimandrite (Fr.) Moran in Rome for the Holy Year:

1975 Rome 1

During the Procession in to the Papal Altar in St. Peter’s Basilica for Mass concelebrated with Josef Cardinal Slipyj :

1975 Rome 2

During Mass at the Papal Altar in St. Peter’s Basilica, concelebrated with Josef Cardinal Slipyj :

1975 Rome 3

In the procession (circled) coming out of St. Peter’s Basilica following Mass at the Papal Altar:

1975 Rome 3a

Summer 1975: Archimandrite (Fr.) Moran says his daily Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica at the
Altar of St. Josaphat:

1975 Rome 5

1975 Rome 6

1975 Rome 7

1975 Rome 8

1975 Rome 9

1975 Rome 4

Fr. Moran and Fr. Ropke at Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica at St. Josaphat’s Altar :

1975 Rome 10

1975 Rome 11

(Sample Image) The Altar of St. Josaphat dedicated by Pope Paul VI in the presence of Josef Cardinal Slipyj and many other Ukrainian Catholic bishops:

St Josaphat Altar

Memento of the Holy Year Pilgrimage of Ukrainian Catholics to Rome with Josef Cardinal Slipyj:


Timeline II

Fr./Bishop/Archbishop Ambrose Moran and Sr. Rose Olisky, SSMI 

The first picture was taken in 1975, the second in 1976 with newly consecrated Bishop Ambrose. The third picture is of Archbishop Ambrose and his mother visiting Sr. Rose Olisky many years later at the Motherhouse of the Sister Servants of Mary Immaculate in Sloatsburg, New York  (the date of the third picture is unsure, probably 1988).

1975 Sr. Rose Alisky

Sr Alisky 3

Sr Alisky 2

A note to Bishop Ambrose from Sr. Olisky, SSMI (date uncertain):

Sr Alisky 4

1975: Two newspaper cuttings. First picture: Fr. Moran and Fr. Ropke as Ukrainian Catholic priests. Second picture: Fr. Moran and Fr. Bitzko.

Newspaper 1

Newspaper 2

Fr. Moran at the traditional Catholic school where the brothers and sisters of Fr. Anthony Ward were educated:


School 2

School 3

1976: Mass for the ORCM, New Jersey:




Timeline 1

The pictures from now on will be presented in a more or less chronological order.

The first two pictures of the future Archbishop Ambrose as a seminarian. The top picture is from 1969, the bottom picture from 1971.


Fr. Moran was ordained priest in 1974. The newspaper cutting below is of a Ukrainian Catholic demonstration against Communism. Left: Fr. Moran.  Centre: Mother Marie Dolzycka, OSBM. Right: Fr. John Ropke

Anti Communism

The picture below was taken in 1974 at the Basilian Monks’ Novitiate, Long Island, New York.
Left to Right: Fr. Ropke, Fr. Moran, Mr. Joseph Gladys, Fr. Constantine Wysochansky.


1975: Fr. Moran at St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church and School, Passiac, New Jersey.
1975 St Nicholas School

1975 St Nicholas School 2

Outside St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church, Passiac, New Jersey:

1975 St Nicholas Church 2

1975 St Nicholas Church

1975: Fr. Ambrose offering Mass at the Byzantine Catholic Church of St. Andrew the Apostle, Long Island, New York.

1975 Long Island parish

1975: Fr. Ambrose and Fr. Dan Detsko at St. Andrew the Apostle Church, Long Island, New York:

1975 Long Island parish 2

1975: First Anniversary of Priestly Ordination:

1975 anniversary priesthood

1975 anniversary priesthood 2

Letter of Incardination, Toronto Eparchy

As a priest of the Archeparchy of Lviv, Ukraine, Fr. Moran was put on loan by Cardinal Slipyj to Bishop Borecky of Toronto.

This letter, dated 1975, is addressed to Fr. William Moran from Bishop Isidore Borecky, incardinating him into the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy (diocese) of Toronto for a period of two years.




Incard Letter large

Appointed Metropolitan-Archbishop: Letter from Bishop Isidore Borecky

This letter is from Bishop Isidore Borecky, Eparch of Toronto, dated August 1976. The signature can be compared with that on the certificate of Episcopal Consecration. It contains these words:

“Most Reverend and dear Bishop Amvrosij,
        With our most sincere congratulations and cooperation upon your consecration in Rome by His Beatitude Patriarch Josef Cardinal Slipyj…”

       His Beatitude will announce the Patriarchal Jurisdiction over which you are appointed Metropolitan-Archbishop and his Coadjutor-Successor…”